Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Diamond Of Darkhold

written by: Jeanne DuPrau

pages: 304

my rating 1-5 stars:

5 stars
(cover picture to come later, computer is acting werid)

It's been several months since Lina and Doon escaped the dying city of Ember and, along with the rest of their people, joined the town of Sparks. Now, struggling through the rest of the winter aboveground, they find an unusual book. Torn up and missing most of its pages, it alludes to a mysterious device from before the Disaster, which they believe is still in Ember. Together Lina and Doon must go back under ground to retrieve what was lost and bring light to a dark world...

This was another wonderful book in the Ember series. Ms. DuPrau had me holding on to every  single page of this book. it was a great story of hope and courage. It had some unexpected surprises that I did not see coming and over all it was a great ending to the story of Lina and Doon. I recommend this book and all the other books in the series to every child and adult out there who loves adventure novels.