Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Earlier on this month I had the privilege to review Undone by Brooke Taylor, which will come to stores July 22nd. Undone is Brooke's first book and let me tell you that it was truly remarkable.
Brooke Taylor is a part of the Class of 2K8 , which is a group of writers whose first book
(either in the Young Adult or Middle Grade age groups) came or is coming out in the year 2008. When Brooke isn't writing or reading books she goes horseback riding and spends time at the lake . She also enjoys traveling to places such as New Zealand and a Mara game reserve in Africa.

To read my review of Undone click here.

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Brooke Taylor Books
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I now present to you the marvelous Brooke Taylor:
What inspired you to write Undone?

My initial inspiration for Undone was a license plate that read CCCCF8 (aka seize fate). I’ve always liked exploring the concept of fate and what control, if any, we have over it. But I think where Undone really came to life was once the two lead characters really started talking to each other. Then it kind of took on a life of its own.

Can you relate any of the events in Undone to your life?

While not very many of the actual experiences happened to me, the snap shot of high school and friendships and parties was very similar to my own high school experience.

And the whole idea for the list came from a work function I had to go to. It was this motivational speaker and I’m way too sarcastic to be motivated by a motivational speaker. But I gave it a shot and did the whole write down your impossible goals thing—and sure enough they all came true. It’s kind of amazing.

Are you more like Kori Kitzler or Serena Moore?

Serena definitely. I’m sarcastic and pretend to not take things seriously (see above) but really take them to heart. And like her, if one of my friends left anything in life undone, I’d be there to finish it for them.

Which character do you have least in common with?

At first glance, probably Kori—but I’ve lived life to the fullest, so we’re not completely different. And I’ve gone scuba diving with sharks, but I’m scared of fish—so I’m kind of complicated like Kori is.

I guess I’d have to say I have the least in common with Cole. She’s too sure of herself to ever be me.

Which of the characters do you like the most? Dislike?

I love Kori and Becks. I even like Parker for all his faults. The only character I don’t like is Chelsea, but look at her family—who could like anyone who came from that group.

Do you have any advice for young writers that aspire to become an author?

Don’t get too caught up in all the rules. First, just write and develop your own voice. Books with original voices are far more interesting than books that follow the rules.

What is your writing environment like? Do you listen to music while writing?

I do a lot of “writing” while driving. Unfortunately since I can’t actually write it down while driving I tend to forget some of my better dialog sequences..

Music helps the writing process. But only if the lyrics or tone really fit the characters.

Are you planning on writing another novel? If so, what will this one be like?

I am in the process of writing one, can’t share the specifics, but it will have a little bit of a thriller vibe to it. I’ve been sleeping with one eye open.

What is one thing that not many people know about you?

I think that most people are surprised to learn that I’ve traveled around the world. Not too many expect a couch potato to be that industrious .If I didn’t have photographic evidence, I probably wouldn’t believe it either.

Is there anything that you wanted me to ask and I didn’t?

Can’t think of anything! Thanks so much for the great interview!!


Thank you Ms. Taylor for answering my questions and giving me a chance to read Undone, which was wonderful. i suggest to all you readers out there to go and pre-order Undone right now because if you don't you will most definitely regret it when all your friends have it on the 22nd and you don't!


Carolina said...

Great interview! I loved Undone! I can't wait for her next book to come out. She's lucky that she's traveled around the world.

Brooke Taylor said...

Thanks for the great interview, Maniac!


Thanks Carol! I participated in Semester at Sea, a program where you spend a semester of college taking courses while traveling on a cruise ship--highly recommended!!! And I later went to work for a cruise line (also highly recommended).

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Whoah...semester at sea? I dont' think i could do that, but it must have been an awesome experience.

anyway, great interview. the book looks lovely and I really really want to read it, so definitely picking it up when it comes out! :)

when i'm riding in cars, i tend to think of a lot..and i "write" thing in my head as well. i agree, it doesn't help when you can't remember things later! LOL


Brooke Taylor said...

Hi Lauren!

SAS is an awesome experience--they've got a better ship these days, but ours was always breaking down and it was small so rough seas were againizingly rough.

Anonymous said...


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