Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Emerald Tablet

written by: P.J Hoover

pages: 288

releases to public: October 21st 2008

my rating 1-5 stars:

4~5 stars

Benjamin Holt is used to having a normal life; that is if normal is defined by having the ability to use Telekinesis to fly a dead frog on a girl’s head in science class. He hangs around his best friend Andy, and his family, who can all use telekinesis too. He goes to a regular middle school, with regular teachers, in regular Virginia. That is until he sees his mom disappear by the ugly hanging picture in the hallway out his bedroom and is told by his mirror that he has to go to summer school for eight weeks. But he isn’t going to be spending summer school at his middle school in Virginia. He will be going to a school in a hidden country that the only way to get to it is by a teleportation device.
There he finds out that he isn’t human but a more superior species called telegens. At this school his powers aren’t special or something he has to hide, they are normal day-to-day things that everyone uses there. So now he is the normal kid, that is until he is unexpectedly chosen by the mystifying Emerald Tablet to be it’s champion. So now not only is he on a continent no human knows of but now the fate of the new continent is in his hands…

P.J Hoover has written a breathtaking adventure that will capture young student’s minds as they read about Benjamin’s remarkable journey in this new world. This book is destined to climb the charts when it releases in the fall. The book is full of likeable characters, mysteries and unexpected twist that will make you not able to wait for the sequel, The Navel of the World. This book is fast paced but do not let that stop you from reading it. You will surely not be disappointed. Even though this book is more for 4th graders through 7th grade, I know that teens out there will love the book just the same (I sure did). Do NOT hesitate to pre-order this book on Amazon or buy it when it comes out October 21st. 2008!

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Unknown said...

Great review! This is definitely a book I am looking forward to reading!

Carolina said...

I can't wait for this book to come out!