Monday, August 18, 2008

Jimmy's Stars (Book Tour Day 1)

Written by: Mary Ann Rodman

Pages: 257

My rating 1-5 Stars:
5 Stars

It's September 1943, and eleven-year-old Ellie McKelvey is used to making sacrifices for the war effort--sacrifices like eating soy extender instead of meat and giving her roller skates up to a scrap-metal drive. Then Ellie's older brother, Jimmy, is drafted. Jimmy has a joyful heart and a kind word for everyone, and he's the only person who thinks Ellie's smart and funny and as beautiful as Lana Turner, the movie star. Ellie can barely stand to see him go. People shouldn't be sacrifices.
With Jimmy gone Aunt Toots moves into their house and his bedroom, Ellie's mother takes a war job at a factory, and everything in Ellie's life seems upside down. The war drags on and on, and so much changes because of it. But no matter what happens, there's one thing Ellie refuses to give up. Even as families in the neighborhood begin to receive telegrams informing them that their boys are wounded or worse, Ellie never stops believing in Jimmy.

Jimmy's Stars is a story that I will always remember in my heart. Mary Ann Rodman did a superb job of making me feel like I was there during the war and that I felt that sadness when families in Ellie's neighborhood found out that their sons were hurt or killed in the war. On top of that, I could not depart from this book; it was so good I had to bring it with me everywhere, just in case I had a second to read. And after I had finished reading it I wished that it hadn't ended it was so good. I also got to know more about World War II, which I have studied before but after reading this book I got a unique perspective of the war from Ellie, an eleven year old girl whose brother goes to fight in the war. I recommend this book to every one. Who doesn't enjoy a story that makes you laugh, cry, has a great main character and a story you will never forget.

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Bellezza said...

I, too, was impressed with the book. Like all outstanding literature, it doesn't matter that it is a "children's" book because it resonates in our hearts. I was so afraid Jimmy was going to die from the moment I read he was going off to war; yet the end had a message of hope to me. I really like your review!

sally apokedak said...

wow, kyle, I love what you've done with the site. I've not been by in a while. It looks great.

I also like your review of Jimmy's Stars. It was a great book. I felt the same way about it as you did. And I think that's the mark of a truly great book--it affects people of all ages.

Yep, I really like your taste in literature. And you're great artistic bent evidenced by your blog. Ummm. Are you attached? I have a daughter who is fourteen... heh heh

Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

I agree, Kyle. This story showed me what the war was like for the people who stayed home--not something I'd really thought about before. Definitely Ms. Rodman has a gift in bringing characters to life. They all felt so real.

Glad to know you liked the book too.


Anonymous said...

I read the book and loved it. At the end I cried just a little bit. I love books with a good story its one of those things you look for in your life.If you like books like that you should read this.

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