Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Today's Cool Release!

Undone by Brooke Taylor is now in stores, so what are you waiting for? Go and buy it!

My review
My interview with Brooke

Serena Moore isn’t the most popular or most beautiful girl at the school. Kori Kitzler on the other hand is, that is until that day in eighth grade when Kori tells Serena that they have more in common then she might think. That short meeting in the bathroom brought Kori and Serena to be best of friends. There are so many rumors going around about Kori that Serena isn’t sure what to believe.
Serena’s mom and her friends don’t seem thrilled that she is hanging out with Kori the “dark angel”, who gets Serena involved in smoking, drugs and other stuff that Serena normally wouldn’t do. One day in Serena’s favorite class they are asked to write a list of five things that they hope might happen during the school term, “Their five ways to tempt fate.” Serena takes this assignment as a joke, her five things that she writes down aren’t that important.
When something immensely catastrophic happens to Kori, Serena finds out that Kori took the assignment far more seriously then her. Serena feels as though she has been left alone on this earth, and all she has are the list of five things that Kori wanted to complete. Serena is faced by many challenges that she normally wouldn’t complete, and that Kori would, while she struggles to make sure that Kori’s list isn’t left undone…
(My Summary)