Friday, July 11, 2008


written by: Stephenie Meyer

pages: 498

my rating 1-5 blood drops (a.k.a stars):

5 blood drops!!

Isabella Swan is moving from her mom’s city apartment in Phoenix; to her dad’s little house in Forks, Washington. She hates Forks but she decides it is better than traveling around with her mom and her step-dad when he tries to get signed with a major league baseball team. So now she is stuck in the small, rainy and foggy, town of Forks; where everybody knows everybody. She immediately fits into her new school, which has a lot less students than her old school, she even has some guys that seem to like her and won’t leave her alone. But for some reason Edward Cullen hates her, she can’t understand why he seems to hate her when she hasn’t even talked to him.
One day before school Edward saves her from being killed by a van; just by using his bare hands to stop the van. That is the first clue. As she gets to know Edward she comes to realize that there is a part of Edward that is thirsty for her blood.

I cannot believe that I haven’t heard about this book until now! I was definitely been missing out on a lot. The first page or so of the book I was like ehh but once I got to the third page I could not stop reading. I have been hearing that a lot of guys won’t read this book because it is sort of a love story, but hey, it has VAMPIRES in it, how cool is that. This book was way better than any of the Harry Potter books, which I think the reason I am saying that is because Twilight is more of a book for High school students and Harry Potter is more for eighth graders. The ending of Twilight was great too, I can’t wait to get the answer to that HUGE question that is on my mind right now when I read New Moon.

~*~ Due to content in this book I recommend that no one over the age of 14 read it.~*~

For all you readers out there that enjoyed Twilight, I suggest you head over to Genre of The Month because July’s genre is Vampire books. Also, head over to The Compulsive Reader because she is doing a special on Vampires too.


Carolina said...

The Twilight series is amazing. I can't wait for Breaking Dawn!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

yes yes, Twilight is amazing. I'm so glad you read it and loved it. I know! VAMPIRES! What could be better?

Hope you enjoy the rest, and just know...sometimes New Moon is slow for people, but keep going!


Anonymous said...

While I have heard of the series (and it's surprising that you hadn't at least heard of it), I have yet to read it. I am very behind on a lot of popular books (still haven't read HP series either).

Great review though- glad you enjoyed it!

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498 pages of crap! I think we don't need this kind of books. What's happening with this writers? It's the worst book I had ever read. Absolutely.

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