Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Appeal

"Politics has always been a dirty game. Now Justice is, too."

Written by: John Grisham

Pages: 355

My rating 1-5 stars:

4.75 stars


The jury returns from deliberation with the surprising verdict. 41 million dollars is what the chemical company has to pay Jeannette Baker. This chemical company has turned a small county into the the worst "cancer cluster" in the history of the United States by illegally dumping toxic chemicals into a nearby river. Eventually the chemicals got in the county's water filter. Many people have died just like Jeannette's son and husband.
When the case is reassigned to the supreme court of Mississippi the owner of the chemical company notices that the Supreme Court Justices are too friendly. So he decides to buy a seat in the court. With a few million dollars he gets a contact to persuade a small town lawyer to run. As the campaign goes on they sculpt him to do what they want. They see him as a great Supreme Court Justice. Their personal Supreme Court Justice.

This book is a great read for everyone that enjoys law. Also if you like books that keep you wondering what will happen next then this is a great book to read. Every page you read will make you wonder "Could this be happening in our Justice system?".

I read this book for my Civics and Economics class and I absolutely loved it. I actually felt bad for some of the characters in this book. For a second here and there I actually thought this was a real trial that was occurring now. John Grisham keeps you hooked on to every page of this brilliantly written novel about the judicial system turning into a mayhem of politics.

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