Friday, August 1, 2008

Contest: Farworld (Water Keep) by J. Scott Savage ARC



Have you been hearing great things about Farworld by J. Scott Savage, a fantasy adventure book that releases in September? Well if you have I know that you cannot wait to get you hands on it when it releases. That is why I am holding a contest to get an ARC of Farworld! That way you get to receive the book before it even releases!

I enjoyed the book so much I gave it a 5 star rating! To read about what I liked about it so much, head on over to my review.

This contest is going to be different from my first contest, which I held at the beginning of June. You are not going to comment on this post to get an entry in the contest.
One thing that I really want changed with my blog is the title bar(at the top where it says Book Review Maniac. Great book reviews on teen, blah, blah, blah). I have been looking at some of my favorite book review blogs and I noticed that they have really cool banners on there sites. And since I have no creative ability that is what inspired this contest.

How Do I Enter?
Make me a cool banner and email it to me with the subject, Farworld Contest (email at bottom of post)! I will pick my favorite banner out of all the entries and who ever made that banner will get the ARC.

Not Sure What Type of Banner I Would Like?
Well one thing that I really want on it is my alias, Book Review Maniac. And in case you are wondering, the banner does not have to match the current colors of my blog. I will change the colors of blog once I pick the winning banner. Another thing is that since I am a guy, please do not make the banner with pink and purple flowers. If there is a little pink or purple in the banner, that is okay.

What If You Don't Pick My Banner?
I will delete the banner that you send in.

What If You Do Pick My Banner?
Then you will win the ARC and I will mention at the bottom bar of my blog that it was made by you and I will link your blog there.

Since it is me that will be picking the banner that I like the most, and I won't be drawing a name out of a hat like the last contest, I will not be giving away extra entries. Sorry. But if you would like to link to this contest on yourside bar or through a post on your blog, you can. And I will very much appreciate your thoughtfullness.

Oh yeah, if you have any questions/comments about this contest or about my blog, just comment on this post please. I love recieving feed back! But please remember that if you comment that does not get you a chance at winning the ARC.

Thank you and Good Luck,


P.S I am not sure when I will be ending this contest, it could be in one week or in two weeks but I will post when I decide on a deadline. So, get those banners in! And to enter you have to be from the United States or Canada, Mr. Savage can only send the book to those countries right now. Thanks!


Nicole B. said...

Can we send it as an attatchment JPG, or do you want it in a PhotoBucket account?

Kyle said...

I would perfer JPG. but what you did was fine, thanks Nicole

The Compulsive Reader said...

Argh, I am hopeless when it comes this this stuff, but I'll see what I can do...

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