Friday, August 22, 2008

Two Way Street

“A road trip with her ex? Danger ahead…”

Written by: Lauren Barnholdt

Pages: 288

My rating 1-5 stars:
5 stars

Jordan and Courtney were in love. Ever since Jordan asked Courtney to go for breakfast at one o’clock in the morning Courtney liked him. They are even going to go to the same college, so they decided to go on a three-day road trip together to the college's opening orientation. Courtney and Jordan were in love, until Jordan suddenly dumps Courtney for this mystery girl he met on myspace.

However, the road trip is still on due to the fact that it is too late to get plane tickets. So Courtney decides to hide the fact that she is still in love with Jordan and tries to make Jordan think she is dating another guy.

But what Courtney doesn’t know is that Jordan still likes her too. And that he isn’t telling her the truth about the girl he met on myspace. But that isn’t the only thing that he is keeping from her. He wants to tell her but he is afraid that she will become more upset with him than she already is.

The reason I liked this book so much is because it changed from Jordan’s to Courtney’s point of view. If it weren’t for that I probably wouldn’t of liked it as much as I did, unless it was written from Jordan’s point of view. But then it still wouldn’t be as good as it is. I also liked that there were flashbacks to before the trip, which explained most of the reason why Courtney and Jordan broke up, the real reason they broke up. The character I liked the most was Jordan, even though he wasn’t telling the truth about the myspace girl, it was for a good reason. He was trying to look out for Courtney and he didn’t want her to be hurt.

Spoilers ALERT

The one character I hated was Courtney’s dad. I cannot believe that he would try to keep Jordan away from Courtney. Sure he was scared that Jordan would tell Courtney that he was having an affair with Jordan’s mom but still didn’t he realize that Courtney would be more hurt since Jordan broke up with her and that her dad was having an affair?!?!
^End of Spoilers^

~*~ Due to content in this book, I do not recommend anyone under the age of 15 read it. Content includes drugs, language, and sexual content~*~


Book Spot said...

I'm so glad other people love this book...I read it back in the Spring and loved it so much I bought it for my friend as part of her graduation present :)

twowaystreetlove said...

I absoultly love this book! i have never in my whole entire life read a book over again but ive already read this book 3 times! and plan to more. I love everything about this book and want to find more like it. although the ending left me a bit mad because i didnt get to see if jordan and courtny end up together so a sequal would rock. also this book would make so much money if it was made into a MOVIE! so please if your in that business please consider this because i alone would see it 4 times and make my millions of frends to go with me 4 time :D MAKE IT A MOVIE!!!!!!!!

Courtney said...

ok i just finished this book today and i have never been so in lover with a book. i read it throughout school. i just couldnt pout it away..a movie would be amazing...or a second book. i need to know wht happens with jordan and courtney..they are so cute together :)

Anonymous said...

i loooooved this book. great plot. it always grabbed your attention and it had plenty twists! i finished it in a few hours because it was so good. i definitely wished there was a sequel because i would love to see what happened to both of them later on.

goodeda1122 said...


jill said...

I absolutely loved this book! It kept me turning the pages through out the entire thing, and that doesn't happen a lot. I just really wish there was a sequel. I want to know what happens now that they're in college and almost back together!

Anonymous said...

One of my top two favorite books of all time. I agree the changing point of view between the two characters really made the book along with the flashbacks. and the spoiler is dead on. Courtney's dad is an ass and Courtney deserves better in a father.
Yeah totally agree this would make an amazing movie! And a sequel would be amazing especially with Courtney's dad out of the way. But then again it did hint that they would take it slow but it was something real, and that is almost enough. I stayed up til 3 am 2 nights in a row to make time to read this with homework. Again an amazing book. I also as a side note suggest 17th summer by Maureen Daly my other all time favorite book(:

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