Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ana's Story

Written by Jenna Bush
Photos by Mia Baxter
Pages: 243
My rating 1-5 Stars:
4 stars


This book is about a seventeen year old girl, Ana. Ana has had a rough life she been abused, her mother died so long ago that Ana could only remember her mother's face by looking at an old photo. Did I mention that she is HIV positive? That is one of a few secrets that she doesn't tell her friends, because she is afraid that they will not want to be friends. Later on in her life she meets a boy, Berto. He is one of the few that Ana told her secrets to. Telling Berto her secrets was a step toward a new beginning and a new life.

"This book is based on the story of Ana's childhood and adolescence as she told it to me. It is a mosaic of her life, using words instead of broken tile to create an image of her past and a framework for her future."
- Jenna Bush

I thought this was an amazing book about hope. It really gave me another perspective on HIV/AIDS. It was a very short great read. I read it in under an hour. I am really glad that I chose this book for my world novel english assignment.
One thing that did upset me is that when I told my teacher that I was going to read this book, so many people were like isn't Jenna Bush, the Presidents daughter. Then I heard them say that the book would be the worst in the world. I was appalled that they decided in their head that just because they didn't like President Bush that Jenna Bush is just as bad. Well I give President Bush a lot of credit for running the country. Just like I give Jenna a lot of credit for writing this wonderful book about love, pursuit of happiness and courage. I recommend this book to everyone, who wants to see the world through the eyes of a HIV positive seventeen year old girl and learn more about the work of UNICEF.

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