Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Book Thief

Written by: Markus Zusak

My Ratting 1-5 stars:

4.75 stars


Leisel is an orphan living with her foster parents, the Hubermann in the time of the Holocaust. Her younger brother was supposed to be with her but he sadly died on the train traveling to the Hubermann's home. While living with the Hubermanns she becomes friends with many people including a boy who loves Jesse Jackson and would die to get a kiss from Leisel. She starts up a habit of stealing... books! She steals the first book from her brothers burial ceremony, even though she can't read. As the war goes on Death is becoming over worked and the Hubermanns take in another foster child ( I guess you could call him that), the only problem is that he has to hide in the basement because he's Jewish. This story is full of love, friendship, tears, and laughs.

This book was definitely a different type of book. It's written in a unordinary way that challenges your mind to see the world and humans in Death's view point. It was a little confusing in the beginning but it became less confusing as you read.
I read this book during a 12 hour trip and I couldn't direct my attention from the book to the portable DVD player in the car. It is a great book that gives you a great outlook on the Holocaust and the people that hid Jews to keep the Nazis from taking them to Auschwitz.

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The Compulsive Reader said...

My gosh, I loved this book. Not many people I know could get into it because of the the way it ws written. but I loved. There's nothing like some good healthy frustration to get you into a book.

That, and for some unexplainable reason, I am drawn to WWII era novels, preferrably those with an European perspective.