Wednesday, June 11, 2008


"That's all you've got to do," I said. "Flush and flush often."

written by: Carl Hiaasen

pages: 263

my rating 1-5 stars:
4 stars

Noah Underwood's dad is known for over reacting. This time his over reacting has landed himself in jail. Even though he was trying to stop the Coral Queen, a local and very profitable casino yacht, from dumping it's waste illegally into local waters. But instead of calling the coast guard, he decided to sink the boat. This did nothing to stop the casino, the boat was repaired the next day. It only landed him in jail. No one but his family and a few friends will believe Paine Underwood. 
Noah decides to follow his dad's footsteps with his sisters help and stop the illegal dumping into the local swimming waters that causes local beaches to be closed and could kill off the fish and turtles. Along the way he finds out that he is up against, the local bullies, 400 pound bouncers, the coast guard, and the media. 

Hiaasen has written another great book about how one person can truly make a difference. This book is slightly related to his other book Hoot, which was made into a motion picture. 
This book was a good book that made me laugh here and there, even though it is written for elementary and middle school students. This is a book that you are able to put down for a little bit and come back to it. 
I suggest this book to anyone that would like a very easy, and calm read. It is a great book to read at the pool or beach because it doesn't require much thought.

Will Noah come up with a plan that will prove that the owner of the Coral Queen is the one that should be in jail?


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