Monday, June 16, 2008


"He was also the last person to see your parents alive," Brooke went on.  "He was actually with them the morning they died." (quote from book)

written by: Anthony Horowitz

pages: 388

my rating 1-5 stars: 

5 stars!!!!!

~*~ Warning: This review may contain spoilers for other books in the Alex Rider Series that come before Snakehead.~*~

After blowing up the space hotel Ark Angel , Alex Rider crashes back down to Earth. After recovering his muscles from the shock of being in zero gravity, he is asked to go on another mission. But this time it isn't MI6 Special Operations that is asking him, it is the Australian Secret Intelligence Service department known as Covert Action. At first Alex is cautious about accepting the mission until he is told that he will be working with an agent named Ash. Alex's guardian, Jack, tells Alex that Ash is his godfather. And that he was the last one to see Alex's parents, alive. Thinking that he will be able to learn more about his parents and his past, Alex accepts his most challenging mission yet. 
When Alex meets up with Ash in Bangkok they are transformed into an Afghan father and son trying to be smuggled in to Australia by a snakehead, a dangerous group whose leader is Major Yu. Major Yu is also one of the leaders of Scorpia, a group of ex-spies from all over the world. What Alex doesn't know is that Major Yu knows that Alex is 'undercover' and he is toying with him as he puts Alex into many life-threatening situations.

Anthony Horowitz has created another non stop action mission for Alex Rider. It is full of cool gadgets, awesome fighting scenes, and many unexpected surprises. This book, in my opinion, is tied with Scorpia for being the best book in the Alex Rider Series. This is because I really liked all the twists in this book. When I thought everything was going good for Alex, something totally unexpected would pop up and then i was back to biting (figure of speech) my nails wondering if Alex would get out of another sticky situation, alive. 
Now that I have finished the book i am wondering if Anthony will write about another mission Alex takes on? 
I have also heard a rumor that there will be another Alex Rider movie, and that Anthony Horowitz plans on having all 7 books made into movies. Hopefully this is true. 


Rachael Stein said...

ooh i really liked this book...

i hadnt realized until now that there were 7 books in the series so far...i hope there's more

Carolina said...

I LOVE this series. I hope that there's another book. This series is amazing.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

i have to do an author study on this guy but i dont have the book yet so i dont know what it is about.

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