Thursday, June 5, 2008

Prince Caspian

written by: C.S Lewis

pages: 223

my rating 1-5 stars:

3 stars


Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy Pevensie are all packed and ready to go away to separate boarding schools. Peter and Edmund will be going to a boys boarding school. While the girls will be going to a girl's boarding school. That is until they all take a unexpected detour at the train station. Magic from Susan's horn calls them back to Narnia. They soon find out that time has past quickly and that hundreds of years have past since they left the magical country. Now the country is ruled by King Miraz a ruler of the Telmariens, which are humans that came and conquered the Old Narnia form Telmar.
However, the rightful king of Narnia is Prince Caspian, Miraz's nephew. Caspian has been in hiding from the malevolent King and the army of Telmariens. He has started a small rebellion with dwarfs, centaurs, giants, and even talking mice, who all are decedents of the Old Narnians. So as the Pevensies try to travel through forest to Caspian's aid, the King becomes stronger. Will the Pevensies be able to help Caspian gain his righteous throne?

This was a good relaxing read. It was a very quick read too. However, it was a little bit boring. There is very little conversation and action. I mean, there are parts where there are a lot of action and talking but that only happens like once or twice. The reason I read it was because I plan on seeing the movie soon and I wanted to read the book beforehand so I can compare the two.
You can tell that this book was written a while back, just from the way the characters talk. There are words used in this book that have a very different meaning nowadays. So I recommend that if you read this remember that the words had a different meaning back then.
This was a good book to read once. A elementary student probably would get bored of reading it. It is a book that is made more for young adults.


Chelsie said...

I absolutely love how you have your actual review in red... I hate scanning reviews for the reviewers opinion, so I like to just be able to look and see it...

I added you to my sidebar =D


Unknown said...

Yeah, the actual review being in red is cool! Great idea! The book seems great, I must see the movie though! Nice review!

Q said...

I love Narnia.