Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Sea of Monsters

Written by: Rick Riordan


My rating 1-5 stars:

5 stars!!


*~*Warning this review may have very slight spoilers for the book The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan*~*

In the sequel to The Lightning Thief, we meet Percy once again in a different school. His seventh grade year has been tranquil. There have been no life threatening encounters with monsters. He has met yet another best friend, Tyson.
Every thing is going great... until the last day of school. The day was exam day. his teachers had some interesting exams planed. He had to survive a whole class on the playground and in science he blew up his chemicals in under 30 seconds. Then came gym class, the teacher told them they were going to play dodge ball and assigned Percy and the school bully, Matt Sloan. Percy noticed something was strange about the new group of kids that were hanging out with Sloan, but he didn't know what. That is until one of them calls him Perseus, the name that only his friends from Camp Half-Blood and his enemies knew...

If you liked The Lightning Thief then you will surely love the sequel. This book has parts that will make you laugh out loud, cry and shock you. Rick Riordan has created a lot of parts in this book that will have a lasting impact on Percy's life. In this book you will discover more about Percy's family, and his future.
The series Percy Jackson and The Olympians is a great read for all ages. You will not be disappointed if you read this series.

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